About Us

Forest + Field is a female-founded, female-run gifting studio. While we’re based in and inspired by the forests and fields of Vermont, we source small artisans from around the world.

With a deep love for design, moody colors, shapes and lines, our studio began with the inspiration to discover items with a story and create thoughtful gifts with ease. We curate our studio with artisans products that offer a distinctly authentic story. And we find beauty in objects that meet everyday needs, yet are unique and memorable.

Our core mission is connection. The connection between an artisan’s hands and the clay to form a beautiful mug. The connection the mug brings to you while sipping your favorite morning beverage. Our goal is to bring that connection full circle.

We hope you enjoy our evolving collection and find something that is perfectly suited to you and to those who you wish to share a meaningful gift with.

- Jessamyn George