Meet the Maker: Campfire Pottery

Meet the Maker: Campfire Pottery

handmade pottery from Maine

Campfire Pottery is a collaboration by the Camps, a husband and wife ceramic design team centered around creating a collection of ceramic heirlooms designed to inspire the art of entertaining in the home.



Forest + Field: What is the inspiration behind the name of your company?

Campfire Pottery: Campfire is not only our name (Camp is our last name), but a visual representation of our roots and brand identity. A campfire is the oldest act of human-gathering. It also symbolizes the outdoor environment where our Raku (Japanese-style ceramic process) is executed.

Forest + Field: What inspires your work?

Campfire: Our ethos is to create contemporary ceramic designs that bring people together, inside and outdoors. We create functional, earth-toned ceramics to share pieces of our home and family traditions with others. The simple shapes create subtle beauty that balances old world design and classic functionality.