We love curating the work of small artisans intentionally selected from all over the world. For the Meet Our Maker series, we share their unique stories. Where they get their inspiration from, the form of art they use, and present their finished products.

Forest + Field: What inspired you both, Abi and Jaime, to start The Simple Folk

The Simple Folk: When the idea of The Simple Folk began, our partners thought we'd lost our minds. Between the two of us, we had two newborns, two toddlers, four companies, and three dogs. Needless to say, another project wasn't the most logical choice... But the best things in life aren't always the most logical.

As mothers and friends, we had been on a similar journey that had awakened us to the beauty of gentle parenting, minimalism, free play, natural and organic materials, and eco-friendly living. Together we searched high and low for clothing that reflected our lifestyle and philosophy.

We wanted versatile, timeless pieces that were luxuriously soft, practical, pattern-free, made with non-toxic fabrics and dyes, and created in an environmentally and socially conscious way. Oh, and we also have a slight obsession with one-pieces for babies and kids alike.

Finding these items was easier said than done, and we thought to ourselves, surely we weren't the only parents searching for them.

Forest + Field: How did you turn The Simple Folk into a realty?

The Simple Folk: It started with an embarrassing amount of late night nursing texts, then a Pinterest vision board, and gradually the clothing line we'd dreamt of creating began to come to life. As the inspiration took hold of us, the momentum could no longer be contained. We would find a way.

It was an endeavor over a year in the making that included several hiccups (both literal and figurative), and blood. sweat. tears. heart. and soul. It is the culmination of years of friendship and our shared devotion to raising our families in environments that are good for their spirits, good for their health, and good for the Earth.

Forest + Field: What else are you hoping to accomplish through your brand?

The Simple Folk: We also hope to create a community space where we can share inspiration and motivation for a conscious lifestyle; where we can connect as parents and our children can become their most empowered and authentic selves while resting in our unconditional love. We are bringing fair, ethical, and sustainable practices to the fashion industry while also caring for the well-being of little ones worldwide. We support the Kikulu Foundation and their dedication to unlocking the potential of children in Uganda through access to quality education.