Who is Makana?

Where is our studio?

Nestled in the artist community of Laguna Canyon in the southern California coastal town of Laguna Beach, founders, Romely & Josh Levezow, began Makana in 2008 with the desire to create candles that aren’t only beautiful, but free of unnecessary and harmful additives. All candles were meticulously hand-blended in tiny batches - 8 candles at a time!  Each were labeled by hand and shipped to local boutiques and specialty stores from our studio by the beach.

Today, we are located in a larger studio in nearby Irvine, California. Just as when we started, each product is still hand-crafted from start to finish in the artisanal tradition using the same simple, sustainable ingredients – 100% soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils, and lead-free cotton wicking – with packaging that is also green and beautiful. All candles are poured in our recycled glass vessels that have simple and clean lines which fit perfectly in any home décor.

The Artisanal Traditional + What it means to us?

Makana products are crafted in the same way that artisans have been creating their hand-made goods for many years – meticulously selecting each ingredient and blending by hand in small batches to produce a quality, one-of-a-kind product.  Inside our studio, you will not find large equipment or factory-style machinery. Instead, you will find small melters, pouring pots and hand-blenders. You will find containers and boxes of natural ingredients and bottles of premium oils. You will also find many beautiful labels and fine, hand-crafted packaging made with environmentally-safe materials.

Through our products, we strive to combine our passion for the environment and love of simple design with west coast, tropical sensibilities and Hawaiian ties. Following the Hawaiian tradition of malama i ka ‘aina (caring for the land), we ensure that each of our products are made and packaged with carefully-selected ingredients that are both kind to the environment and our health. In this spirit, we believe that by taking care of the land and its inhabitants, it will in turn take care of us and provide the gifts of sustenance, balance, health, and well-being.

This is our Makana to you - the gift of fragrance.